Greek Style Yogurt and Lush Layer Combo - this is what we do best!

The silky-smooth texture is a testament to the use of cream in our recipe. We live by a motto that in the end it is better to have a spoonful of something decadently lush, than a whole bucket of low fat, no thrill ‘something’. Our flavours are a tad different too, we are not into plain when it comes to our lush layers. From Salted Caramel to plump chunks of Cherries - smooth or with bits - we won't bore you!  

B2B Range

We also produce a range of yogurts and cream targeting specific needs. Browse through our Foodservice and NHS range.

Own Label

We already supply a range of own label products to major retailers as well as coffee chains. Flexibility and ability to accommodate smaller production runs make us stand out from the rest..

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