Dairy products supplier - Own Label

We are a vibrant business based in North Wales with great ambitions to offer something different but equally moreish and of a great quality! 


Our main focus is on dairy based products as milk makes for a wholesome and natural ingredient. We can offer a wide range of yogurts, chilled dairy desserts as well as soured cream. We understand the need for flexibility and proactive approach in business.


Daffodil Foods was created by Lynne King, who after a 20-year career in the dairy sector, working for the likes of Dairy Crest and Milk Link (now Arla), gambled her accumulated expertise on her new kitchen-top venture. She designed a series of dairy products using Argos-bought yogurt culture flasks. But when banks refused to lend start-up capital, Lynne sought suitable manufacturing partners in the world of dairy. 


Fast forward to today, Daffodil Foods also supplies the retailers with their own label products. Lynne also designed a bespoke yogurt for NHS and schools. “I was amazed to read a figure that 40% of patients in Welsh hospitals are under-nourished,” said Lynne. “So we created a line of yogurts with different nutritional goals."


“Dairy is good, dairy is great. And it has always been of special interest to me. Over the years we have created some rather special, award-winning products - all dairy based. Dairy doesn't have to be boring if you think outside the box.” 


—  Lynne Rowlands, Director

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